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Are these services confidential?

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of your EAP. In a caring and professional environment away from your workplace, you can discuss your personal problems and concerns in confidence, within the limits of the law. No one needs to know you've used the EAP, unless you choose to tell them.

A quality work-life assistance program is highly effective in helping people resolve personal issues that keep them from functioning successfully at work or home. To take advantage of these services, employees and their family members must trust that, first and foremost, their privacy is protected. We earn that trust every day in every way through our unshakeable commitment to client confidentiality.

  • Appointments are made at the time of the first call. This ensures that we do not have to call employees or their family members at home or work to make appointments, which can jeopardize the privacy of the person using the service.

  • We never schedule two employees from the same company for back-to-back appointments. This is monitored and safeguarded through our electronic appointment booking system.

  • All counsellors and professional staff work within the strictest code of ethics and confidentiality as laid out by Shepell·fgi, EASNA (the EAP accrediting body of North America) and their respective professional associations.

  • Shepell·fgi is fully compliant with current privacy legislation.

  • Encryption software and clinical practices ensure protection of information for clients of our Internet-based E-Counselling.

  • Statistical reports presented to client organizations do not include any information concerning any one individual.

  • In the initial counselling session with the employee, a Statement of Understanding is signed by the employee that states: "All discussions with the counsellor, or records of the client's use of the Employee Assistance Program, are confidential and will not be shared with their organization, other family members, or any other person outside of Shepell·fgi, without their prior knowledge and written consent, except as required by law or in a situation that may be deemed as potentially life threatening by the EAP counselor. Limits on confidentiality, as required by law, include situations involving child abuse and threats of violence".

  • All files are kept in locked and fire-proof cabinets in the counsellor's office. When the case is closed and follow-up is completed, they are couriered to Shepell·fgi's head office where they are stored in locked, fireproof cabinets. They are not labelled with the client's name; instead they are numbered to ensure confidentiality. Within the files, the client's first name only is used.
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