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Recognizing the complexities of juggling work and personal obligations, we've developed our EAP with a down-to-earth, highly practical approach. The program offers employees valuable assistance from top-notch specialists for common life issues that, if left unresolved, can intensify and lead to distress, distraction, and inevitably, time away from work. Our services include:

Counselling Services
Access professional counselling in-person or over the phone [more...]
Child & Elder Care
Support for what matters most [more...]
Legal Support Services
Sorting out legal fact from fiction [more...]
Financial Support Services
Professional financial advice that makes sense [more...]
Online Stress Management
Online stress tool [more...]
Nutrition Support Services
Nourishing expert advice [more...]
Smoking Cessation Services
Become a ‘lifelong quitter’ [more...]
Correspond online with a professional counsellor [more...]
Career Counselling
Naturopathic Services
Healing expert advice [more...]
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