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Career Counselling

Featuring the Work / Life Planning Guide

This client-centered program enables employees to make informed choices and prepares them, where appropriate, to review and evaluate new opportunities.

It is directed at a range of presenting client problems, and is appropriate for those wanting to change careers as well as those happy with their occupation but interested in exploring different settings. It is not uncommon for some clients to realize at the assessment stage that they can improve their present level of job satisfaction and career direction by learning to adjust to new workplace trends.

The program helps employees to:

* Review their work accomplishments
* Recognize what they have liked and disliked in their work history
* Discover what motivates them at work
* Find out what's really important to them in their work setting
* Identify their skills and interests
* Evaluate how well they are balancing their life
* Pull this information together to determine their work / life direction
* Research and discover future work possibilities best suited to them
* Create an action plan to reach their goals

Every client accessing his or her EAP for career-related counselling will receive our Work / Life Planning Manuals I and II, which offer a step-by-step approach to discovering the work that employees want through the creation of a concrete action plan.

Through counselling, the employee is encouraged to focus on areas where interests, values and skills intersect. Employees learn the necessary skills to research workplace trends, examine pertinent opportunities and come to grips with the two greatest barriers to implementing their action plans: fear and lack of confidence. The Shepell·fgi counsellor enables clients to set specific and measurable objectives, to get to know themselves and to create meaningful work and life goals.

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