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Online Stress Management

Online Stress Management measures six areas or sectors of 'stressful experience' a constellation of the most substantive causes, effects, and other symptoms of stress that have been identified and distilled through years of clinical experience.

Online Stress Management provides you with a complete picture of your stress in six sectors: job disengagement, personal & social unrest, work-life conflict, job overload, physical stress, and intellectual stress.

Each of the six sector scores reflects your current level of stress in that functional area of life. You might find it helpful to use the Online Stress Management Action Plan along with the resources in the specific sectors that are identified as the highest contributors to your current level of stress. However, do not limit yourself to only those StressNotes contained in a certain section. It is likely that a coping tip you find in one section may work to alleviate your symptoms in another sector, or overall.

Your first score, on job disengagement, indicates to what extent you see your job as a rewarding and meaningful part of your life. Disengagement both causes and complicates stress. There is a set of StressNotes that will help you to regain a sense of engagement in your job.

Your second score on personal & social unrest tells you to what extent you see your personal and social life as satisfying and providing sufficient emotional support. Well-being in this area is important for preventing and buffering stress. There are StressNotes that will help you to build supports in this part of your life.

Your score on work-life conflict indicates how much your job limits your involvement and enjoyment of personal and home activities. StressNotes for this area will tell you how to reclaim and nourish the other half of your life.

Your fourth score tells you how much job overload you may be experiencing - in other words, how overinvolved or overextended you may be. The job overload StressNotes will help you to step back from your job without sacrificing your accountabilities or performance.

There is a score for how you are coping with physical stress, or in other words, how your physical body is reacting to stress you are currently experiencing. There is a set of StressNotes that cover a variety of physical symptoms and coping responses to stress.

Your sixth score on intellectual stress provides you with an indication of how much stress interferes with your ability to think and perform in your personal and work life. The corresponding StressNotes provide 'food for thought' on a variety of intellectual stress responses and strategies.

By scanning your scores and reviewing the resources available in these six sectors, Online Stress Management will enable you to identify areas of concern so you can get back on track with regard to stress. Online Stress Management will point you in the direction of setting goals and taking specific actions to address root causes of stress and to alleviate stress you are feeling in each of the seven sectors. Use the Action Plan and resources guide to develop your own, personalized Online Stress Management plan based on your scores and you will be well on your way to a less stressful future. Good luck!

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